Are you student at an engineering faculty or “just” a space technology enthusiast? SpaceLab EU has prepared something very special for you this summer. If you would like to leave an eternal trace in the development of European space technologies, join our following two open calls.

1st call:

We are looking for fresh ideas for a cargo to be launched with our very first satellite to the Earth`s very low orbit. Therefore, we are reaching out to the community for suggestions with a potential for a joint co-development of the cargo project. The main prize: have your project sent into the space with us!

2nd call:

Are you good in maths and physics? Help us calculate the optimal constellation of satellites on very low orbits that may once provide free internet connectivity to everyone around the globe. The main prize: €1,000 for submitting an elaborate and valid constellation model. 

Have we caught your attention? Great! What is the next step? Send us an email to info at with the information which of the calls you would like to join and we will get in touch with you with exact terms and rules. This summer, you can make the difference. Challenge yourself with our open calls!