Petr Rychmach, CEO
Experience in executive positions of biotech and tech companies. Coordinating external affairs, liaison, funding.

Adam Obrusnik, Science manager
Experienced research manager and product manager. Managing the team of scientists and engineers developing the ionization source and other components. 

Tomáš Dytrych, physicist
Nuclear physicist with worldwide experience, scientifically active. Responsible for maintaining the high scientific standard of our work.

Petr Zikán, computational engineer
Expert in implementation of numerical solvers. Responsible for developing “digital twin” simulation tools tailored to our ABEP technology.

Karel Juřík, HF electrical engineer
High-frequency electronics expert. Responsible for maximizing the power efficiency.

Kryštof Mrózek, R&D Engineer
Plasma modeling and simulation, responsible for predictive modeling of plasma kinetics.

Marek Šťastný, R&D Engineer
Analysis of orbital scenarios, responsible for designing the ABEP intake.

Our partners

The Czech Aerospace Research Centre is a long-term partner assisting with integration and certification.
A major part of our R&D is based on multiphysics simulation. We subcontract that to the PlasmaSolve team.
Colleagues from the Brno University of Technology have been building high-frequency electronic components for us and testing novel plasma excitation mechanisms.