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Help us shape the future of European satellite technology – join our open calls!

Are you student at an engineering faculty or “just” a space technology enthusiast? SpaceLab EU has prepared something very special for you this summer. If you would like to leave an eternal trace in the development of European space technologies, join our following two open calls.
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SpaceLab EU to present two open calls at the CSNOG conference

Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group is a community of ISPs, network operators, registrars, network engineers and Internet and network technology enthusiasts. At SpaceLab EU, we see ourselves as one of the enablers for universally available high-speed internet and therefore we could not resist the opportunity to present our project at their annual conference in Brno, CZ on the 29th of May 2019.

At the conference, we will present two challenging open calls for the public around world. Are you an spacetech enthusiast willing to contribute to the launch of ground-breaking  technology of satellite propulsion at very low earth orbit? Then stay tuned. You will hear from us very soon!

A revolution in small satellite engines is happening in the Czech Republic (press release)

SpaceLab EU and the Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) have entered into a SpaceLab-logopartnership under which they will, over the next five years, develop and commercialize a unique air-breathing ion propulsion engine that allows satellites to maintain their position on a very low orbit.

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